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Thursday, February 22, 2019

Writing guides online

The Science and Development Network website has a short guide to writing a scientific paper, with a basic outline of the process and a few tips. More interesting is their section on submitting a paper
which is written by Maxine Clark who is executive editor of Nature. She provides a good overview of the process of preparing and submitting a paper for publication, with some sound advice, such as:

“However careful and beautiful the presentation, a paper will not be published unless it has a clear, sound conclusion.”

Maxine also runs a blog for any author who aspires to publish in Nature.

Nature provides some good advice for authors writing a paper for a Nature journal. They repeatedly emphasise the need for clear, simple writing that catches the readers attention. For example:

“We encourage authors to “unpackage” concepts and to present their findings and conclusions in simply constructed sentences.”

They provide links to some writing resources, including the online guide that I have written. It is free, and one of the most comprehensive online. It is complemented by an email newsletter that expands on many of the important points and gives many practical examples.

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