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Bullet Blender Gold

Tissue samples, without heat production can be achieved with the Bullet Blender

Like Nebulizer, French press, cold press, sonnication with a cell disrupting sonnicatior.

No additional homogenizer comes close to bringing the
Bullet Blender‘s winning blend of high Excellent performance,
Superior effects and budget-friendly value.

Pellet Blender Gold
Bullet Blender Homogeniser for cell disruption

The Bullet Blender Gold versions (BB24-AU and BB50-AU) unite
Dry ice heating and patented comments technology to maintain samples
Close 4°C, sound insulation to maintain the operation silent, and extra powerful homogenization to procedure even the hardest samples.

List of sonicator like instruments:

  1. blender type of instruments
  2. bead mills
  3. ultrasonic treatment (also sonication) systems ,
  4. rotor-stator mechanical, high pressure,
  5. nebulizers.

Range of Samples

Organ tissue, cell culture, plant cells and tiny organisms. You can Homogenize samples as hard as mouse femur, skin and tumor, as Well as hard to lyse cells like algae and yeast.

I work in biotech research on stem cells

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